Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Season of Fasting

From our Presiding Bishop's reflection:

"Each party in this conflict is asked to consider the good faith of the other, to consider that the weakness or sensitivity of the other is of significant import, and therefore to fast, or 'refrain from eating meat,' for a season. Each is asked to discipline itself for the sake of the greater whole, and the mission that is only possible when the community maintains its integrity."

And so our GLBT brothers and sisters are being asked to fast, nay, to continue to fast, from inclusion in the life of the Church. How long before their souls are so starved that they have not the strength to presevere?

What fasting, what discipline shall we see from the "other party"?

Refraining from an uncritical, ahistorical, literalist, blinkered interpretation of the Bible?
Giving up discrimination against fellow Christians?
Empying their plate of prejudice?
Pushing themselves away from the table of exclusion?
Starving their obsession with other people's bedroom activities?

I wonder.

I cannot say it any better than Brother Causticus has at titusoneten: Under the Ecclesiatical Bus:

"While BC desires Christian harmony the wide world round, he is not willing to barter the lives of those he loves who have been examples of grace, charity, and a commitment to follow Christ at whatever cost and throw them under the ecclesiastical bus of power and control for the sake of a 'unity' founded upon a common commitment to exclusion."

Amen, brother.

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