Thursday, February 15, 2007

Feast-Day of Berach of Cluain Coirpthe

Quote for the Day:

"Marvelous opening moment in fact of the first afternoon I'm left alone in the cabin and I make my first meal, wash my first dishes, nap, and wake up to hear the rapturous ring of silence or Heaven even within and throughout the gurgle of the creek - When you say AM ALONE and the cabin is suddenly home only because you made one meal and washed your firstmeal dishes - Then nightfall, the religious vestal lighting of the beautiful kerosene lamp ...Nightfall, the kerosene lamp casts a glow in the cabin, I go out and pick some ferns like the ferns of the Lankavatara Scripture, those hairnet ferns, "Look sirs, a beautiful hairnet! " - Late afternoon fog pours in over the canyon walls, sweep, cover the sun, it gets cold, even the flies on the porch are as so sad as the fog on the peaks ... And so everything eventually marvelous."

Jack Kerouac, Big Sur

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