Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let California Ring, part two:

In honor of IT and her Best Beloved:

Let California Ring, part one:

in honor of IT and her Sweetie-Boo:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

We say goodbye to Grendel

I phoned up the vet this morning to find out how Grendel was. The Shabazz-man said that he would never walk again and that his condition would continue to deteriorate. I asked him if Grendel was in pain, and he said he didn't think so. I asked him, "If Grendel were your dog, what would you do?" He said, without hestitation, "I would let him go. Now."

So about an hour ago Liam and I drove over together to the Vet Clinic. Grendel was happy to see us but could not get up. He was in the bottom cage, lying on his favorite green shaggy blanket. We sat on the floor and petted him and told him how much we loved him and how happy we were that he shared his life with us. Then we told him we were taking him home. We each gave him a treat and then the Shabazz-man (His name is actually Gary Shahbazian and he is a wonderful vet.) came and gave him the shot. It was very peaceful.

Thnaks to all who said a prayer for this little dog. Your prayers have been answered. Grendel is home.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pray for a dog

Yesterday Grendel took an alarming turn for the worst. Where as before only his right front paw was unstable, yesterday he was very shaky on all four legs and his right front paw was totally non-functional. He seemed quite unsettled. Last night I stayed awake with Grendel until he finally went to sleep. I took him into the vet today.

The Shabazz-man was not very comforting. He said it was not arthritis. He said that based on the configuration of the paw and the stiffness of the limb it appeared to be one of two things: an advanced tumor of the spine or some sort of degenerative spine disease. He was alarmed at the progression (we had taken Grendel in three weeks ago for his annual and there was no signficant problem besides a stiffness in the legs and the loss of a few front teeth)

Sp Grendel is spending the night at the Shabazz-man's and he will have X-rays and other diagnostics. If you are inclined to pray for a dog, pray that he remains pain-free. Pray that we have the strength to do what is needful. If you have a dog, give him love. Kiss him and tell him you love him. As Grendel would say, Do It Now!

I will keep you posted.