Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update from Holy Family

This new year has brought many changes to Holy Family. Our church continues to grow. Our rector has resigned and we have an interim rector, a new Senior and Junior Warden, and we have had five funerals in four months. (Father Bruce Kirkwood lost his long and valiant battle with cancer, and his memorial service was attended by one of the largest crowds ever seen at HFC--I dare not say how many for fear of the fire marshall.)

On April 4 we will have the Chrism Mass at Holy Family and then decorate the church for Palm Sunday. Liam will be out of town accompanying our students to the Alpha Chi convention, so I will have a few days with the house all by myself.

We are considering getting a couple of pugs this summer from the Pug Rescue, or a pug and a French bulldog. What do you think of the name "Martin Buber" for a pug?

Other than the usual lectures and grading, we are preparing to lead a group of students to Italy this summer. It's been tough getting enough students because of the economy, but it's finally falling into place.