Friday, December 14, 2007

All over but the grading...

Well, stick a fork in this semester; it is done. All but the grading...I finished giving my last exam on Tuesday and now am working my way through a huge stack of Blue Books, research papers, extra-credit assignments and the inevitable frantic flurry of late assignments ("to be turned in by 5 pm Thursday").

There is not much to be done but put nose to the grindstone, play Christmas... er...Advent music to keep one's spirits bright, take a break when one gets too disgruntled (Oh, just for once I'd like to be gruntled!), and keep the kettle warm.

Tonight is fall graduation with its pomp and ceremony. Much better to wear full academicals when it is 40 degrees out than when it is 100!

I hope you are warm and safe out there!


Caminante said...

Ah, the days of grading stacks of paper. I used to promise myself some sort of a treat once I got through a set of exams or papers... like a pot of Lapsang Souchon, or if it were in the summer going outside and doing something in the yard (scything the hay-like grass), or a piece of chocolate, whatever to keep myself tied to the chair in the meantime. Good luck.

Rowan The Dog said...

Well, it's all work for you for awhile. On the plus side, maybe Grendel will share a gravy-pop with you.