Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's 107 degrees...

But it's a dry heat.

Got in safely last night. Had a wonderful drive. Grendel the Misanthropic Dog behaved himself admirably. We took turns driving (Liam and I, not Grendel) and reading aloud from the Bible when the NPR faded away...got through Ezra, Nehemiah, and most of Esther. I have to say that all that genealogy in Nehemiah is a real snoozer, though, and the names are harder to pronounce than mine!

Used the road trip as an excuse for fast food, since we couldn't stop at a real restaurant with the dog in the car. We did stop at a small roadside fruit stand where Gene sold us a lovely box assortment of stone fruit (including some I had never heard of, "plumcots" and "pluots") to bring to my sister and her husband, and we also bought some to eat along the way so it wasn't all unhealthy food.

I have forgotten the USB cord for my camera so no pix can be loaded yet, although there were some awesome windmills along the way (anachronistic as "windmill" may sound, since they were the tall metal, three-armed ones--no one tilting at them...)

They might be giants.
(one of my favorite films)


Wormwood's Doxy said...

I'm sorry---once the thermometer cracks 100 degrees, it doesn't matter whether it's DRY heat or not. It's just too damned hot!

Aghaveagh said...

Amazingly enough, it stayed under 100 the rest of the time I was there!! But people just don't go out during the day except to race from air-conditioned house to AC-ed car to AC-ed mall...

I'd rather have cold than heat. You can always put on another sweater.

Cecilia said...

There used to be a dog named Grendel on the show thirtysomething (we're talking the late 80's here). The dog was on for exactly two episodes and then disappeared into the ether. My ex-husband and I started using the name Grendel as code for poor continuity in tv series' and films.....

But anyway!

Your road trip sounds just wonderful... I bet Judges would keep you awake! Did you read that? Or Song of Songs, of course, but I suppose that depends on your relationships with the other people in the car.

I missed your blogging all those months I assume you were caught up with your teaching duties. Welcome back, and TAG, you're it. Go here for instructions.

Pax, C.