Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Cat-Blogging

Tuxedo and Sneakaround Jones

Millerton Store
(yes, she only has one eye!)

The Store-Bought Kitty With a Long History


Padre Mickey said...

I really like the name "Sneakaround Jones." When my dad was a boy, he had a cat named "Joe Louis Stompyfeet." Our last cat was named "sin nombre."

Wormwood's Doxy said...

My female cockapoo was born with just one eye. She was so black that it was hard to tell, and it never really bothered her that much---you just had to remember to throw the ball on the side she could see. It *did* mess with her depth perception, so she would use her mouth to figure out where she was, but she was always really gentle about that, too.

I miss her. She's been gone for 5 years now. :-(

Caminante said...

Your cats are gorgeous, all of them. What fun to see them.

Nicholodeon said...

I know what you mean about missing one's departed pet, Wormwood.

My little Misty went diabetic blind in the last years of her life, but once she got her sense of smell organized, she ran everywhere without bumping into anything.

The vet said don't move the furniture around on her, and I took her on the same route each day for her walks, and soon she knew where all her trees were, and so on...except when it snowed, and then she used her side whiskers to keep away from the side of the snowbanks.

Oh, Misty was a miniature schnauzer, not a cat, but a loved one, too. Shortly after she died, I could not continue to bear the emptiness she left, so I got another mini schnauzer and am embarked upon another happy jaunt. show us your wonderful, furry critters and I think they are all wonderful, too.

Aghaveagh said...

What was your cockapoo's name? I have noticed that Millerton Store can chase the laser pointer and the feathered flyer with the best of them, so evidently she must not suffer too much from the lack of depth perception,

Thank you for sharing your story about Misty.I have heard that whiskers actually allow a cat to determine if she can safely get through an opening, but I did not know that dogs did the same thing!

Aghaveagh said...

oooh, I love the name, "Joe Louis Stompyfeet"!

Named after the prizefighter, right?

I have a fondness for the particular rhythm of those two names: Sneakaround Jones, Millerton Store, which incidentally in Latin and Greek prosody is known as a choriamb (= trochee + iamb)

sharecropper said...

What wonderful cats! And, named appropriately according to TS Eliot, too.