Saturday, November 17, 2007

Goodbye, Sneakaround Jones

Sneakaround Jones died this evening.

We were out today "getting and spending" as the poet says. In a lull during cooking dinner I went to check on Sneakaround Jones. He was sitting in the litter box--he's never done that before. I lifted him out and put him on the bed. I could tell something was wrong. He seemed weak and his legs looked very odd. This was about 8:00.

I took him in the blanket out to the couch and told Liam that there was something wrong with Sneakaround. We laid him on the couch, wrapped in the blanket. He was still purring. Over the next hour he became progressively worse. I called the Shabazz-man and got his service. I left a message to call, that we may need him to come out.

Soon it became apparent that Sneakaround was failing fast. We told him that it was ok--he could go to sleep and that we would see him soon. We kept vigil.

For the most part he seemed very weak although at one point he tried to get up. His breathing became very labored. Liam had to walk Grendel and so I told him that Sneakaround would wait till he got back. When Liam brought Grendel back, I could see that Sneakaround was laboring. I called Liam. We forgot about dinner.

We sat on the couch and cradled him for about an hour. He died in our arms. He did not seem to be in pain. He gave a couple of deep breaths and then he left.

We said goodbye and wrapped him in the blanket. We brought the other cats to say goodbye too, so they would not wonder what happened.
Then we put him, still wrapped in the blanket, in a cardboard box, and Liam brought him out to the garage. We'll take him tomorrow to the SPCA to be cremated.

He was a good cat.


MikeF said...

God rest his furry soul - one day, you will find him waiting for you. His end on this earth was good, held by the people he'd given so much love to for so long.

Poor you and Liam - the death of cats is somehow especially hard to handle.

Love & prayers to you both


Wormwood's Doxy said...

I'm so sorry. I'm glad his end was easy, and that he was with you when he slipped away. Those are both great blessings...

May the good Lord of All grant you comfort, and may your happy memories of Sneakaround Jones warm you in your sadness.

Doxy and Jasper

Padre Mickey said...

Ii'm so sorry to hear of Sneakaround Jones' passing.
He's running around in Kitty Heaven right now, because he was a good boy.

Mary Clara said...

Heartfelt condolences to Sneakaround Jones's family. It is so, so hard to lose a beloved cat. I'm so glad you could be with him at the end, holding him close.

Alcibiades said...

Condolences, love & prayers.
We're thinking of you all.

Diane said...

I'm glad you were there for Sneakaround ((()))

Tamara said...

Oh no, this is the day I dread with our little cat. I was so touched by the beautiful end Sneakaround had with you. Peace, Tamara.

Caminante said...

Coming oh so late to your sad news. I am so sorry. These furries break our hearts when they die. I hope you're doing OK four weeks later... grieving a beloved cat is worse sometimes that a person, no? Oh my, you really have been through the wringer between Sneakaround's death and then everything that has happened in San Joaquin. Hope you find this note.

Aghaveagh said...

Thank you, Caminante,

I do miss him, but I am glad he's no longer sick. And as I type this Tuxedo the cat is sitting in my lap, and two others are within arm's reach, so I am not without furry friends.