Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pray for a dog

Yesterday Grendel took an alarming turn for the worst. Where as before only his right front paw was unstable, yesterday he was very shaky on all four legs and his right front paw was totally non-functional. He seemed quite unsettled. Last night I stayed awake with Grendel until he finally went to sleep. I took him into the vet today.

The Shabazz-man was not very comforting. He said it was not arthritis. He said that based on the configuration of the paw and the stiffness of the limb it appeared to be one of two things: an advanced tumor of the spine or some sort of degenerative spine disease. He was alarmed at the progression (we had taken Grendel in three weeks ago for his annual and there was no signficant problem besides a stiffness in the legs and the loss of a few front teeth)

Sp Grendel is spending the night at the Shabazz-man's and he will have X-rays and other diagnostics. If you are inclined to pray for a dog, pray that he remains pain-free. Pray that we have the strength to do what is needful. If you have a dog, give him love. Kiss him and tell him you love him. As Grendel would say, Do It Now!

I will keep you posted.


FranIAm said...

Oh - so many prayers and so much love.

St. Francis Feast day is upon us - and who loved animals more than he?

Praying and praying for miracles filled with healing and love.

Under there... said...

Praying for Grendel and you all for healing, comfort and hope.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Your e-mail was the first thing I saw this AM, Aghaveagh. I am heartbroken that my sweet Grendel is in pain. Please give him special love from his Doxy, and tell him that I am praying for him and for you.

Diane said...

oh I am praying for Grendel, and so is Scout. I have not been blogging lately, but Fran sent me over.


Jane R said...

Oh no, Aghaveagh, I am so sorry, poor dear sweet Grendel and you. Fran sent me over too. +Maya Pavlova and I send soft gentle purrs and prayers and +Maya sends some tiger energy on top of that.

Dear Godde, who created all of us in the image of Your divine love, pour out your blessing and protection on Grendel and on his human Aghaveagh and let them know Your healing presence. May Francis and Clare intercede for them, and Laika too, please Godde. Amen.

Padre Mickey said...

Muchas oraciones para Grendel desde la Rectoría en Panamá. We all hope that she is better soon.

MikeF said...

Praying for Grendel, and for you... the cats, too, send purrs.

Brian R said...

I got out of bed early this morning here in Australia because I could not sleep, hoping against hope. However through the tears I know he is in a better place and no longer suffering. Thanks for sharing him with me, your writing and photos have brought a lot of laughs and joy, hugs

Caminante said...

I read on Fran's facebook page that Grendel has moved on to join the canine communion of saints. I am sure that in that place, cats can welcome dogs and so all my kittehs are curled up against Grendel, telling him that he's OK.

Many prayers for you. This loss comes on the heels of Phoebe. I am so sorry.