Friday, February 1, 2008

Feast of St. Brigid

Today is the feast of Saint Brigid, my name saint (I took it as my confirmation name) and we are having a feast of our own in celebration, with a couple of dear friends to enjoy it with us. (Quite fitting, as she is the patron saint of hospitality.) There'll be salmon with dill sauce, asparagus, and (of course) Murphy's Irish Stout. Bon bons for dessert!

Ni bu Sanct Brigid suanach
Ni bu huarach im sheire Dé,
Sech ni chiuir ni cossens
Ind nóeb dibad bethath che.

Saint Brigid was not given to sleep,
Nor was she intermittent about God's Love;
Not merely that she did not buy, she did not seek for
The wealth of this world below, the holy one.

(from a Life of St. Brigid by the seventh-century St. Broccan Cloen)

Padre Mickey over at the Dance party has a write-up of St. Brigid that cannot be missed! Go read it. And have some butter tonight!

Oh, and make sure you hang a hankerchief from your washline for good fortune throughout the coming year!


Padre Mickey said...

Happy St. Bride's day to you and your friends. We had company tonight because it is the first night of Carnaval. We had Tía Sue and Jo Ellen Nutter, missionaries of the Episcopal Church, over for a carne heavy dinner.
It's always great to have company on Friday night.

Aghaveagh said...

Wow! Carneval already! It sure is early this year. Pretty soon we'll all be saying, Carne, vale!

We had a grand evening. I bet you did as well.

By th way, thanks for the lovely St. Brigid's piece!

FranIAm said...

Oh here comes the resident RC hanger-on... needing her TEC friends to teach her about the saints.

Lindy said...

I've been here a couple of times but JUST NOW got the connection between you and a certain misanthropic dog. Now I love you even more. Brilliant sonnet, btw.
(Rowan's guardian)

Aghaveagh said...


Yeah. The Dog that Runs my Life. Sound familiar??

Your Rowan is a true blessing. I love him (and Grendel) with a powerful protective love.

You take care of yourself, esp. that shoulder!