Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have been blessed

Yes, it was quite some time ago, but I have been woefully negligent lately owing to the start of the Spring semester.

The always-delightful Kirsten has blessed me--in more ways than one!

I hope I can meet her someday--she seems like a wonderful person and so positive. She will make a great priest. And now it appears that she will actually be able someday to come to the (now and improved) Diocese of San Joaquin and celebrate. So I bless her right back.

I bless Father Jake for all he has done for the marginalized. I bless him for his ministry in giving us a voice and a place to get info.

I bless Padre Mickey for being such a fantastic priest. I wish we could steal him away from Panama to come to San Joaquin!

I bless FranIAm for her joie de vivre and exuberant sense of humor.


Padre Mickey said...

Thanks for the blessing, and may God bless you right back!

FranIAm said...

Oh my! What a great surprise to see my own name here!

I am honored and I send you and Grendel and all others in your world- especially the Diocese of San Joaquin blessings in abundance.

I feel so grateful to have fallen in with this group of Episcopal bloggers, me the rambunctious Catholic!

Kirstin said...

[blushing] Thanks, Aghaveagh!