Thursday, October 4, 2007

Grendel offers a Poem for St. Francis

Grendel the Misanthropic Dog wanted me to post a poem he wrote in honor of St. Francis. Well, it's actually a song, to be sung to the last bit of "All Creatures of Our God and King", the words of which were written by St. Francis. Grendel didn't know that when he composed the song; it must be serendipity:

What does it Mean to be a Dog?
Not the same as being a Frog.
Dog and Frog,
Dog and Frog,
They are Not the Same.

(He begs me point out that the capitalization is Very Important Indeed.)

If Grendel behaves himself, he will join the other animals at the Parish Blessing of the Animals this Saturday. Hmmm. I can't believe I just typed the words "Grendel behaves himself."


eileen said...

Ah...but Grendel is so very smart and handsome.

Surely that must be worth more than "good behavior". That is so subjective, afterall...

Rowan The Dog said...

I think Grendel is very beautiful and smart too. I didn't write anything at all for St. Francis Day. I just ate some treats.